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In the 21st century international cooperation and competition encourages parents to make sound choices for their children’s education. Accreditation assures students, governments, and others that a participating educational institution is striving to meet and exceed the quality assurance standards and indicators needed to advance its students.

Accreditation International (Ai) provides accreditation services in 5 institutional areas of education:

Kindergarten through 14th grade institutions located inside and outside the United States of America providing a national or international course of instruction by teachers to students.

Career & Technical
Institutions through 14th grade which offer specific programs and/or degrees of instruction relative to the development of a student in a specific field  categorized as career and technical education.  (The Council on Occupational Education – COE provides the services related to the accreditation activities of this area for Accreditation International – Ai.)

Distance Education
Education in which students through 14th grade take academic courses by accessing information and communicating with the instructor asynchronously over a computer network.  (Distance Education programs must meet the definition of schools as defined by Ai.)

Early Childhood Education
From birth to kindergarten, education, activities, and/or experiences in a qualified institution that are intended to effect positive developmental changes in children prior to their entry into elementary school.

Supplementary Education
Institutions ranging in age participation from kindergarten through 14th grade that address particular subject matter, opportunities for enriched learning, and student deficiencies in a structured teacher/student environment outside the normal classroom.

Standards & Indicators

  • Meet or exceed standards of notable accreditation organizations

  • Include the 21st century skills and international benchmarking indicators
  • Guide schools in continuous improvement through developmental levels
  • Recognize exemplary schools and leaders as models for others
  • Provide models for accreditation systems worldwide
  • Align with our accreditation partners for reciprocal accreditation
  • Can be added to meet the mission of unique schools and systems
  • Are enhanced for distance, supplementary, and early childhood education accreditation
  • Provide systems of schools one uniform and unique set of standards to ensure quality for all of their schools

Application Process

Applications to Accreditation International (Ai) are available at this website and are accepted from any of the 5 qualified divisions listed above.

To become an applicant:

  1. Fill out the application form (click here to go to online form).
  2. Return the application with $350 non-refundable application fee and the first year’s annual fees for candidacy (see page 5 of application PDF for details and payment options).
  3. Your institution will be notified by the offices of Ai upon receipt of your application with instructions on the next steps in the accreditation process.

Annual Accreditation Fees

A list of Annual Accreditation Fees for Accreditation International (Ai) are available at this website for the 5 qualifying divisions (click here to view fees).