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Substantive Change Details


School Name: The Barstow School - Ningbo Campus

Change Types:

Change to School Ownership

Head of School Change Info:

First Name:
Last Name:
School Head Email:
School Head Mobile Phone:
Undergraduate College or University:
Undergraduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Undergraduate Degree Year Earned:
Graduate College or University:
Graduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Graduate Degree Year Earned:
Post-Graduate College or University:
Post-Graduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Post-Graduate Degree Year Earned:
Effective Date of Position:

New School Name Info

New School Name:

New School Address Info:

Street Address:
State: Virginia
Postal Zip Code:

Detailed description of Change: A new owner has taken over the operation of the school. The owner is intent on the school improving both in standards and enrollment. The transition has been relatively smooth as the faculty and staff work with the new partner.