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Substantive Change Details


School Name: American Academy Jordan

Change Types:

Change of Curriculum

Change to Program

Head of School Change Info:

First Name:
Last Name:
School Head Email:
School Head Mobile Phone:
Undergraduate College or University:
Undergraduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Undergraduate Degree Year Earned:
Graduate College or University:
Graduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Graduate Degree Year Earned:
Post-Graduate College or University:
Post-Graduate Degree _ Academic Major:
Post-Graduate Degree Year Earned:
Effective Date of Position:

New School Name Info

New School Name:

New School Address Info:

Street Address:
State: Virginia
Postal Zip Code:

Detailed description of Change:

We switch to HMH books instead of Inspire McGraw Hill for science subjects. 

We added 3 new sections to the high school grades.