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Substantive Change Details


School Name: Jordanian International Schools

Change Types:

Change of Curriculum
Change of Head
Change to Emphasis or Philosophy
Change to Physical Plant
Change to Program
Change to School Location
Change to School Name
Change to School Ownership

Head of School Change Info:

Salutation: Ms.
First Name: Nancy
Last Name: Al Fuqaha
School Head Email:
School Head Mobile Phone: +962796016154
Undergraduate College or University: Jordan University of Science & Technology
Undergraduate Degree _ Academic Major: BSc Applied Biological Science , Genetics & Molecular Bio
Undergraduate Degree Year Earned: 1996
Graduate College or University: Jordan University of Science & Technology
Graduate Degree _ Academic Major: Masters Degree in Biochemistry
Graduate Degree Year Earned: 1999
Post-Graduate College or University: Westcliff University
Post-Graduate Degree _ Academic Major: PHD Candidate in Education Leadership
Post-Graduate Degree Year Earned: 2025
Effective Date of Position: 2024-01-04

New School Name Info

New School Name: Jordanian International School

New School Address Info:

Street Address: Osama Bin Munqth Street
City: Amman
State: Virginia
County: Jordan
Postal Zip Code: 11953

Detailed description of Change:

No changes