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Accreditation Record


Man Kwan Educational Organisation Limited

51 Tin Wah Rd., Tin Shui Wai,Yuen Long,New Territories, | |

School Accreditation Exp Date:
Total Students Enrolled:

School Head Details

Head Of School Job Title: Owner & President
Head Of School Name: Tam Man Kwan 
Head of School Email: 
Head Of School Work Phone: (852) 2448 2122 

Billing Contact Details

Billing Contact Job Title: Owner & President
Billing Contact Name: Tam Man Kwan 
Billing Contact Email: 
Billing Contact Work Phone: (852) 2448 2122 

Accreditation Details

Accreditation Status: Candidate 

Enrollment Elementary, Middle, or Secondary

Kindergarten Boys: 0
Kindergarten Girls: 0
Boys 1st: 0
Girls 1st: 0
Boys 2nd: 0
Girls 2nd: 0
Boys 3rd: 0
Girls 3rd: 0
Boys 4th: 0
Girls 4th: 0
Boys 5th: 0
Girls 5th: 0
Boys 6th: 0
Girls 6th: 0
Boys 7th: 0
Girls 7th: 0
Boys 8th: 0
Girls 8th: 0
Boys 9th: 0
Girls 9th: 0
Boys 10th: 0
Girls 10th: 0
Boys 11th: 0
Girls 11th: 0
Boys 12th: 0
Girls 12th: 0
Adult 13th 14th Boys: 0
Adult 13th 14th Girls: 0

Faculty Details

Number Full-time Teaching: 0
Number Part-time Teaching: 0

Primary Contact Details

Primary Contact Title: Owner & President 
Primary Contact Name: Tam Man Kwan 
Primary Contact Email: 
Primary Contact Phone Number: (852) 2448 2122 


Grades Served:

Accreditation Dates

School Candidacy Date: {Candidacy_Approval_Date_prop__c}
Provisional Approval Date: {Provisional_Approval_Date_prop__c}
Initial Full Accreditation Date: {Initial_Full_Accreditation_Date_prop__c}
Last Visit Date: {Last_Visit_Date_prop__c}
Accreditation Expiration Date: {Accreditation_Expiration_Date_prop__c}

Enrollment Early Childhood

Birth Age 2 Boys: 0
Birth Age 2 Girls: 0
Age 3 Boys: 0
Age 3 Girls: 0
Age 4 Boys: 0
Age 4 Girls: 0
Age 5 Kindergarten Boys: 0
Age 5 Kindergarten Girls: 0

Enrollment Supplementary Education

Early Childhood Boys: 0
Early Childhood Girls: 0
Elementary Boys: 0
Elementary Girls: 0
Middle Boys: 0
Middle Girls: 0
Secondary Boys: 0
Secondary Girls: 0
Adult Boys: 0
Adult Girls: 0

Enrollment Distance Education

Full-time Elementary Programs Boys: 0
Full-time Elementary Programs Girls: 0
Full-time Secondary Programs Boys: 0
Full-time Secondary Programs Girls: 0
Taking Selected Courses Boys:
Taking Selected Courses Girls:
Other Boys: 0
Other Girls: 0

Annual Reports

School NameTotal CompleteAnnual Report Year


SalutationFull NameTitleMobile PhoneEmailRoleInternal Link
Prof. Tam Man Kwan Owner & President (852) 2448 2122 School Head

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Account Name: Man Kwan Educational Organisation Limited

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Man Kwan Educational Organisation Limited

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